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Aug 22, 2018

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Patrick Hoelck is best known for his photography, film making, and writing.
He grew up directing music videos in New York in the 90s and went on to shoot commercial editorial and ad work, publish books and a photography app.

Polaroid Hotel is an app that combines the book of the same name, a decade of his personal and commercial Polaroid work, with a photography app.

More recently, his 2016 docu-series 'An Interview', sponsored by Dodge Ram, is cinematic candid interviews between Patrick and actor friends. The pieces are like modern Interview Magazine features with Patrick doing both a raw celebrity interview while also directing a film crew.

Hes currently doing a similar series called Analogs.

We covered movies, music, his success at a young age, subsequent battle with addiction and some of the new things hes working on.

Thanks for listening.